Another fundamental step in understanding how to win at blackjack is knowing that the dealer also has precise rules that must be followed in the course of the hand.

In fact, the dealer in classic blackjack applied in casinos all over the world has a set of pre-established moves based on the score he gets and that of the participants.

Specifically, the basic rule requires the dealer to stop when he totals 17 . This basic rule is active in almost all the best casinos, with the only exception of those casinos that allow the dealer to continue in case of soft 17, that is a score achieved with an ace (for example A-6).

Blackjack strategies

As already mentioned in the preview, even if it seems such a simple game, blackjack is full of strategies that can make a difference. In fact, it is one of the very few casino games where the house edge can be decreased by using the best strategy.

But let’s proceed in order.

The basic strategy of blackjack

It may seem trivial, but the first basic blackjack strategy tip is to look at the cards . Many players, in fact, make a rather common mistake in all card games: taking into account only their own cards.

In reality, in blackjack the outcome of a hit is influenced as much by the cards we have, as by the card shown by the dealer. Indeed, the value of this card is the main element on which the basic strategy is based in blackjack. This is because in blackjack, the dealer is forced to draw until he gets at least 17 points . A rule not to be underestimated, this, because it determines the probability of winning a starting hand.

From the player’s point of view – which is what we’re interested in here – it’s much better if the dealer has a low card than a high card. The reason is very simple: the more cards the dealer is forced to draw, the more likely you are to go bust – and vice versa.

For example, if the dealer showed a card like a 5, for him to draw a face would be a negative option, because reaching 15 he would have to take another card, with the real risk of exceeding 21. Conversely, if the card the dealer’s upside was a king, any face (including aces) or high value card would allow him to reach an excellent score.

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