Jurassic Park

Twister (1996)

Concept featured in clip: Tornadoes
Location of clip: DVD: Chapter 31-32: 1:40:10 - 1:41:25

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Summary of clip: Near the end of the movie Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton manage to out-run an F5 tornado.

Connection of flickclip to the concept: This clip is a great engagement to a learning cycle about tornadoes and weather disasters because it clearly shows one of the most damaging tornadoes up close.
Suggestions to teachers:

1. Suggested questions for students when viewing the clip:

a. What do you notice is happening in the atmosphere in order to form the tornado and make it so devastating?

b. What is the potential damage that this type of tornado can do?

c. Do you think it is possible to out-run a tornado of this magnitude?

d. What do you think a safe thing to do would be if there was a tornado like this in your neighborhood?

2. From here students can learn the science behind how tornadoes develop. There are simulations and other activities they can do to produce a funnel cloud. By doing this they can see how changes in temperature and pressure that accompany these tornadoes can cause the funnel cloud to form.

3. Another idea is for students to research tornado strikes that have happened in there area. Some of these might have been strong and caused some damage. Others like the one in Xenia, Ohio in the 1970's completely devastated a community. It might be interesting to see how tornadoes affect their immediate area and what warning systems and preventative measures are in place.

4. Students can also use this clip after they have learned about tornadoes. They can discuss whether or not they think Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton could ever out run such a powerful tornado. They could discuss what makes this Hollywood tornado real or fake compared to real-life tornadoes.

5. This clip can be shown as part of an evaluation after studying tornadoes. Students can watch the clip and then write about what meteorological conditions must be present for this dramatic tornado to occur.