Deep Impact (1998)

Deep Blue Sea


Concept 1: In the opening scene, wine is spilled into the water, generating a memorable moment in the film. However, sharks detect blood through their sense of smell, not their sense of sight. Thus, the sight or smell of red wine in the water should not have affected the sharks in any way.

Concept 2: The "Tiger Shark" in the sling at the beginning of the movie is actually an animatronics great white painted to look like a tiger shark. How can you tell? Look closely and you notice that the 13-foot "Tiger Shark" in the sling has a pointed nose. Tiger sharks have a blunt nose, not a pointed one like you see on the shark in the sling.

Concept 3: The geneticists rely on gene therapy to increase the size of the gland. However, gene therapy is an expensive technique that has not been perfected yet. Any geneticist worth his/her weight in Ph.D.'s would identify and clone the gene and then insert it into E. coli. By doing this, the gene could be mass-produced in the laboratory and the protein could be more easily isolated.

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