Deep Impact (1998)

A Bug's Life


Concept 1: The problem in this movie is that Flik and the rest of the ants only have 4 legs. However, the defining characteristic of all insects (including ants) is the fact that they have six legs.

Male Mosquito                Female Mosquito

Concept 2: Another problem is when Flik goes to the bar to hire some warrior bugs, he watches a mosquito order a "Bloody Mary-O+". The mosquito in the movie is portrayed to be male; however, only female mosquitoes drink blood.

Concept 3: Even the title of this movie is not quite right! All insects are NOT considered bugs. True bugs belong to the order Heteroptera, whereas ants are members of the order Hymenoptera. Thus, Flik is not a bug at all.

TRUE BUGS (Order Heteroptera)
ANTS (Order Hymenoptera)

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