Deep Impact (1998)



Concept 1: When the shuttles, Freedom and Independence, take off, people from all around the world are shown. The problem is daylight in every place the people are. This is impossible seen it would actually be dark in some parts of the world.

Concept 2: There are two examples in the movie where burning and explosions and space are misrepresented. The first is the Russian Space Station has a fire and explodes as the astronauts fly away. Due to the vacuum in space the fire would not keep burning. Within second, the oxygen would either burn up or dissipate, both causing the fire to die. Therefore there would be no burning fire, or the explosion would occur within seconds leaving the astronauts no time to escape. The second occurence is after the Independence space shuttle has crashed on the asteroid. A.J. (Ben Affleck) walks outside of the wreck and observes the debris is burning. This is not possible because a fire needs oxygen to burn, and there is no oxygen on the asteroid.

Russian Space Station Exploding
         Burning Debris on Asteroid

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