Deep Impact (1998)

Andromeda Strain


Concept 1: When reporting as to why the three people survived the virus, Dr. Angela Noyce says it is due to acidosis. In response Dr. Jeremy Stone says, "So, your're saying they survived Andromeda because they had the same level of stomach acid? That's brilliant." Dr. Stone is mistaken, acidosis has no relation to stomach acid. Instead acidosis refers to the acidity level of blood.

Concept 2: While examining and comparing victim diagonoses, Dr. Noyse state, "If Sylvie [victim] breathed rapidly long enough, carbon dioxide would build up in her system and she would become acidotic." The problem is that breathing rapidly would have not helped Sylvie, and if fact had killed her sooner. Rapid breathing, otherwise known as hyperventilation, actually reduces the carbon dioxide levels in the blood, commonly referred to as alkalosis. In reality, alkalosis is the opposite of acidosis, and thus would have quickened Sylvie's death.

Concept 3: The scientists decide to expose the virus to a rhesus macaque or Rhesus Monkey in order to study the problem. However the monkey that is shown is a Capuchin Monkey, which is often used in entertainment.

rhesus macaque                 Capuchin Monkey

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