Deep Impact (1998)



Concept 1: The anaconda is depicted as agile and swift when attacking a person from the top of a waterfall. In reality, anacondas are slow-moving creatures, particularly when out of water. Thus, it is impossible for the anaconda to lunge at and capture someone from the top of a waterfall. If it had attempted this stunt it would most likely fallen off the waterfall altogether.

Concept 2: In the movie, the "Anaconda" kills off its victims by immediately wrapping its self around its victim. However, this is not a correct portayal of the snake. The anaconda is a constrictor, meaning that it must first get a firm hold on its prey before it can wrap itself around it and constrict. Ussually this occurs by the snake "latch onto" its prey with its mouth then spiralling around it. Latching on the prey makes a strong latch to help with the wrapping and constriction.

Concept 3: The snake, in the movie, makes a screaming sound, but snakes do not make screaming sounds.


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