What is Flickclip?

Flickclip encourages and assists teachers in the use of film for science classes.

You can:

• Search for a particular scientific concept and then choose a particular film depicting that concept.

• Search for a favorite movie of your students to locate a relevant scientific concept.

• Every scientific discipline is represented.

• Each Flickclip offers suggestions for classroom use and activities.

•Each Flickclip details the scene and locates it for VHS and DVD.

Why use Flickclip?

Movies are a memorable way to bring science alive in the classroom.

• Flickclip taps into natural student interest in movies.

• Flickclip demonstrates scientific concepts using popular culture.

• Flickclip is an engaging way to introduce a particular concept, initiate discussions, and assess prior knowledge.

• Flickclip is an innovative way to move into the inquiry process.

• Flickclip can be used as a creative assessment tool.

• Flickclip is a great way to help students become better consumers of science information and to identify misconceptions in science.

• Flickclip encourages teachers to use only clips from films rather than show the entire film. Many students will have already seen many of these films in their entirety and re-showing the film would not be the best use of instructional time.

Who is Behind Flickclip?

• Flickclip was born out of its creator's love for science, film, teaching, and, last but not least, the inner workings of the adolescent mind.

• Flickclip emerged from my imagination while watching the frogs fall to the ground during Magnolia. Why on earth were frogs falling to the ground? Why would a director select such a way to tell his story? Hence, "flick" was born as the perfect guide to the site.

• Flickclips played a part in my junior high and high school science classrooms and are now regular features in my university science education courses.

• Flickclip is an educational site. My "credentials" include being a former Ohio Teacher of the Year, recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Secondary Science Teaching, consultant /author to the National Geographic Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), American Physiological Society, Biological Science Curriculum Study (BSCS) and Girls, INC. (please note that none of these organizations are involved with this site). I am on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) and am a member of NSTA, AETS, AERA, SSMA and numerous other educational organizations. I currently teach at Miami University (Oxford, OH) and, of course, am first in line to purchase tickets for any and all films I think might be useful to this site.